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Today you’ll find an EXCLUSIVE excerpt from The Distiller’s Darling by Rebecca Norinne and Jamaila Brinkley to jump start your weekend along with a fabulous giveaway too! This book released yesterday so one-click your copy now and get ready for a great new book adventure! 

Be sure to stop by the blog later today for my review of The Distiller’s Darling, you don’t want to miss latest installment in the River Hill series! If you read The Vintner’s Vixen you will recognize a few familiar characters. If you haven’t read The Vintner’s Vixen this book can be read as a standalone but I’m sure you’ll want to start from the beginning. Click here to get your copy of The Vintner’s Vixen, and then enter the fabulous giveaway below!

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“What brings you here?”

Her mother examined her surroundings. “Do you have a place to sit down?”

Naomi sighed. “Come on in. The living room is this way.” The dining room had been converted to her office, but she’d furnished the cozy living room with a comfortable couch and a chair or two. She mostly used the space for watching ridiculous movies when she was feeling burnt out. Although she and Iain had done a few other things in there several days ago. Probably not something she should be thinking about as she watched her mother sit carefully down in the exact spot Iain had—never mind.

“So? You’re sitting. In my house. Which you’ve never visited before, let alone showed up unannounced to. Why are you here, Mom?”

“Oh, it isn’t just me, dear.” Her mother smiled at her beatifically. “Your father’s here, too. He’s just taking a little nap. You know how travel tires him.”

“You live less than two hours from here.”

“Yes, of course. It was certainly a drive. There were many interesting fields and farms.” Her mother’s tone conveyed her opinion about such things, and it wasn’t positive. “I left him at the cozy B&B we booked. So convenient that it had availability.”

Oh, no. “You’re staying? At a B&B?”

“Oh, yes. Even more charming than your little place here. I understand they’ve undergone some renovations recently.”

“Mom, are you staying at the Oakwell Inn?”

“Well of course, darling.”

“But that’s Noah’s—”

“Yes, I promised his mother a full report, of course.” Her own mother sniffed. “Angelica is a charming girl, although she seems quite busy.”

That explained why nobody had thought to warn Naomi about this ambush. Angelica was due to leave to film another segment of her popular show in a day or two. Possibly even tomorrow—Naomi wasn’t sure of the exact schedule. But Noah and Angelica would have been far too busy cooing over each other to even register this particular emergency. They probably thought Naomi had invited her parents to come.

“Why are you and Dad here? You never leave the city.”

“Darling, you didn’t answer your phone. I assumed you were dead. We came to identify your body.”

“You booked a B&B to identify my corpse?”

“Well, we certainly weren’t going to stay at a Holiday Inn.”

Naomi closed her eyes and sought patience. “You knew I wasn’t dead. What’s going on?”

Her mother leaned toward her. “It’s an intervention, Naomi.”

Naomi felt her jaw drop. “A what?”

“An intervention. Jacob and Tanya are on their way, too. We felt the whole family should be here.”

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The Vintner’s Vixen

Authors Dish With Rebecca Norinne

Coffee With Jamaila Brinkley

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28458827 1917310315247827 1883141094 n The Extra Shot   June 22, 2018Rebecca Norinne writes sexy romance from the heart. Her heroines are bold and headstrong, and her heroes will do anything for the ones they love.

When not banging away at the keyboard, she is watching rugby, enjoying a pint of craft beer, or traveling the globe in search of inspiration for her next book.

Originally from California, Rebecca currently resides in Dublin, Ireland, with her husband.


Website ~  Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Instagram ~ Newsletter ~ Goodreads ~ Amazon ~ Bookbub

Jamaila Brinkley writes historical romance with a hint of magic. Her Wizards of London series features thieves, duchesses, 15200311 The Extra Shot   June 22, 2018witches, and more indulging in mayhem and romance in Regency England. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America, and was a finalist in the Romance Through the Ages contest in 2015.

Jamaila came to romance as an avid reader of fantasy and science fiction, and found that her favorite historical romances seemed ripe for an injection of magic. Her favorite historical period is currently the Victorian era, and she’s never happier than when immersed in a multi-book family series.

Jamaila lives outside Baltimore, Maryland in a house that is perpetually under renovation with her husband and twin toddlers. You can find her blogging about romance, writing, parenting, cooking, and more on her website at, and posting pictures of her lunch on Twitter as @jamaila.

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