52 Week Book Challenge

Thank you for your interest in the 52 Week Reading Challenge.

To make this a successful year and a fun challenge here are few guidelines.

1. Download the awesome reading list and graphic.

52 week Reading Challenge 2020 V8 232x300 52 Week Book Challenge52 Week Reading List 1 212x300 52 Week Book Challenge2. Download the checklist for easy reference and book chat.

3. Start researching so you can either get those books from the library, borrow from a family member or friend, or be able to purchase when a sale hits on your favorite e-retailer.

4. Join The Book Baristas on Facebook to find the post where we’ll be sharing and chatting about the weekly selections.

5. If you’re an author and you and/or your book fit the weekly selection please feel free to contact me for my weekly post.52 week Reading Challenge 2020 V9 232x300 52 Week Book Challenge

I hope you’ll stop by and see what we’re up to.

All are welcome and I hope you’ll pass this along. I plan to chat about the weekly choice in my Facebook Group The Book Baristas. Not a member? Join and get ready to take a step in completing hopefully one of your goals for 2020 and make a few friends along the way.

I can’t wait to see what you’re reading. Please download the graphic #amreading and add your title. We can’t wait to see what you selected.

Hope you are enjoying your selection and I’ll see you in The Book Baristas this Sunday.52 Week reading 300x300 52 Week Book Challenge


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