Love Gone Viral v2 04 Love Gone Wild: Five Covid 19 Related Romances

Happy Book Birthday Love Gone Viral – Five COVID-19 Related Romances. Over the next few days get to know the authors behind this collection, a giveaway, and the inspiration for this collection.

Editor’s Introduction:

The pandemic hit, and the world shut down. Yet everywhere we looked there was evidence of people reaching out: working at food distribution centers, making masks, or adopting shelter animals. And then the world’s attention rightly shifted to racial injustice, and people took to the streets. But some of us were flummoxed. Personal or family health concerns kept us sealed inside our walls. Sewing? Not a clue. Animals? Either prohibited or just not possible. The feeling of helplessness was constant.

What could I do? After years working in various fields, I’ve recently returned to my first love: writing. Stories have a way of lifting the heart and making a bad day more bearable. And so I reached out to fellow writers and asked them to join me. Four brave and talented authors did so, and we set ourselves an ambitious timeline.

Despair and hate are strong, but love is stronger. People found love in the rubble of the World Trade Center and in the damage left by Hurricane Katrina. Widows and widowers find love in support groups, and addicts find love in recovery programs. Activists find love in protest marches. Deep scars will remain, but love will emerge from this year of tribulation as well.

We hope these five stories of love will bring a smile to your face and a lightening of the burdens you may be carrying. All proceeds from the sale of Love Gone Viral will be donated to World Central Kitchen and Feeding America. We are neither affiliated nor endorsed by these charities; we simply want to help. Thank you for joining us.

Meg Napier, July 2020

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Be sure to check the blog tomorrow for my thoughts on the collection and my first Coffee With.

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