Forever Your Rogue 188x300 Forever Your Rogue by Erin Langston  Review and Exclusive ExcerptForever Your Rogue by Erin Langston is a breathtaking debut novel with an evocative and vibrant book cover that captures the essence of this page-turning adventure. Erins attention to detail, both in character and story arc, provide a refreshing, seamless and cleverly crafted adventure you don’t want to end. If you’re looking for a second chance, slow burn that is a captivating and compelling romance, this might be for you.

Lady Cora Dane is exhausted, her husband is still torturing her from his grave. Why would he leave their children’s guardianship with her meddling ex-in-laws? Did he really detest her that much? I can’t imagine a world where a parent isn’t guaranteed the right to guardianship.

If Cora can devise a plan that shows stability for her and the children, she can get rid of those pesky and annoying in-laws.When Cora asks Nate for help, it sounds pretty simple. What happens when the plan doesn’t include falling in love, all over again? Will her heart survive?

Nathaniel Travers never imagined the one woman who once captured his heart would be asking him for help. Years ago, Cora helped Nate wiggle out of a tough predicament and avoid ruin. Now, the tables are turned and this time it’s Cora asking for help. Will Nate agree to her fake arrangement? Nate never imagined he’d have a family or children, will he sacrifice his wild rogue ways? Will he risk a broken heart or will he finally admit his feelings?

Would you risk everything for a second chance at love? Or, would you guard your true feelings while secretly helping, all to repay a kindness? Sometimes even the best laid plans unexpectedly take us on a grand adventure. Nate will have a chance to overcome his reputation and prove he’s not the young rogue, instead capable and worthy of family and stability. Family expectations and obligations threaten to take away what matters most to Cora, she will have to trust unconditionally, and defy society expectations.4 Flames 2023 300x300 Forever Your Rogue by Erin Langston  Review and Exclusive Excerpt

From the moment I read the first paragraph I was hooked and tuned the world out as I finished this in one sitting. The twists and turns on this emotional journey of self discovery, defying family obligations, and overcoming adveristy were enjoyable and satisfying. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly find an overwhelming desire to write letters to someone special, visit a library, or have a dram of whiskey. 😉 This scorchin’ read may lead to an unexpected need to turn on the A/C. So steamy the pages might ignite. May include a dash of Erotic elements or elude to further exploration of desire and need.

I hope you’ll join me on the blog later this week when I sit down for Coffee With Erin and we chat about coffee, books, and a whole lot more!  I received and advance readers copy from the author for a fair and honest review.

EE 300x300 Forever Your Rogue by Erin Langston  Review and Exclusive Excerpt

Nate slowed, fishing for the hastily-scrawled address in his pocket. He had arrived with—he checked the watch he hadn’t even noticed Barnes fastening; really,
he man did deserve a raise—two minutes to spare.
He angled his hat and readied his dimples, surveying the wide brick edifice before him. Lush flower boxes, an elegant sweep of steps, a row of tidy windows overlooking Park Street…
And a slim silhouette, framed in the front window, staring straight at him.
Nate blinked, all at once utterly and completely poleaxed.
Jesus Christ.
Even through the glare of the window, she was almost exactly as he remembered her. The entire effect was eerie, disconcerting.
Cora, with her maddening tumble of hair never pinned quite as neatly as it should be.
Cora, with her full mouth pressed in a disapproving line.
Cora, with her unfailingly expressive eyes…skewering him with unobliterated disgust.
Grievous, Nate realized, his stomach sinking. His lack of response had been a grievous lapse of judgment.
Nevertheless, for a singular, brilliant moment, five years evaporated. Nate was two-and-twenty again, loafing about Fordham House, flirting shamelessly with the beguiling Cora Sinclair, working for the moment she would reward him with her irreverent smile.
But her mouth wasn’t budging now.
And, Nate remembered for the countless time, she wasn’t Cora Sinclair.
She was Lady Dane.
Ten feet between them, in the middle of Park Street, in the middle of Mayfair.
Ten feet and five years.

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Erin Langston is a historical romance author who crafts Regencies with heart, heat, and humor. A librarian by trade, Erin lives in the Midwest with her husband and two children. When not working, writing, or mom-ing, she can be found outside, drinking wine, buried in a book, or attempting to home-improve. A not-insignificant portion of her first novel was plotted in the preschool pickup line.


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