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%name Catch and Release by Cindi Madsen   ALL IN! Tour


Catch and Release Groom by USA Today Bestselling Author Cindi Madsen is the third installment in the Getting Hitched series. While this is part of a series, it can be delightfully enjoyed as a standalone read, especially if you pick your books by the cover. Readers, this cover… it’s epic!! In fact, I have not read the previous two books, and now look forward to downloading them in Kindle Unlimited to read later this summer.

There are so many reasons to read this book …
✔ Spicy Slow burn
✔ Runaway Bride who heads to the outdoors
✔  Enemies to Lovers
✔  Fun, flirty, and memorable laugh-out-loud moments
✔  Sexy innuendos
✔  Fly fishing
✔  No regrets

When Imogen Kaplan realizes that she can’t marry her fiance she runs to her honeymoon destination, alone. Unfortunately the resort is full of honeymooners which makes her escape a bit of a challenge. What was supposed to be a blissful, romantic week celebrating with her new husband, she’s now a party of one. Nothing screams honeymoon like an early morning wake-up call for an excursion. When Imogen discovers how irresistibly charming her instructor is maybe this is the sign she was looking for, a chance to clear her mind and charge forward. Afterall, if she was meant to be married to “what’s his name” she would’ve run down the isle happily to say her vows. Hopefully after a week channeling her inner outdoors goddess, she’ll be more open-minded and have a true handle on figuring out exactly what she wants and needs.

Easton Reeves is enjoying his side hustle as a fly fishing instructor the resort “Honeymoon Week” when he realizes that he’s about to be challenged in more ways than he ever imagined. A hero who also knows all too well the heartbreak and pain Imogen is feeling, but will he understand her reasons why? When Easton needs a plus one, he’ll make a deal with Imogen so they can both survive their week. Who will get a bite, and who will be left with an empty hook?

4 Flames 2023 300x300 Catch and Release by Cindi Madsen   ALL IN! TourCaution, this scorchin hot read may lead to unexpected need to turn on the A/C. So steamy the pages ignite. May include a dash of Erotic elements or elude to further exploration of desire and need.
I love stories where the unexpected moments make you laugh, cry, cheer, and applaud the characters on their journey. Who will find love? Just like fly fishing, in love you need to be calm, relaxed, and have a lot of patience.

Thank you Turn the Page Tours and Cindi Madsen for the Advance Reader Copy. From start to finish I never put it down.


Get your Copy 300x300 Catch and Release by Cindi Madsen   ALL IN! Tour


%name Catch and Release by Cindi Madsen   ALL IN! Tour%name Catch and Release by Cindi Madsen   ALL IN! Tour

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