51F6PgRqm6L. SY346  199x300 Anger Bang by USA Today Bestselling Author Avery FlynnAnger Bang by USA Today Bestselling Author Avery Flynn is a story with loveable characters that are awesome, and a few you will love to hate! It’s time to book your next adventure and head to Colter’s Hell, Wyoming along the Stinkingwater River for a wedding where shenanigans will ensue, laughter will be endless, and love might be on the horizon.

A contemporary read with a fling to lovers, opposites attract, revenge sex, and the heat … it’s a scorcher 😉  Oh, let’s not forget the wit, snark, charm, and a ton of fun. The title alone will have you reading page after page until the very end … are you ready?

Thea Pope is a paleontologist who would rather be around bones than a bunch of boneheads at a wedding, even if most of them are family. What happens when her sister, the Bridezilla gives an all-access pass for the wedding to be recorded. Every minute from the day guests arrive until the moment they depart Thea will have to go with the flow, but what will happen when she’s tapped out and done.? How how long can “fine” really be just f-i-n-e? When Thea embraces a plan and decides to do the one thing that would push your sister over the edge, will she finally find the courage to embrace her true self?

Kade St. James doesn’t believe in love but one weekend at his brothers wedding might change his outlook. Spending years of research for his job should’ve prepared him for the unexpected. What will he do when Thea makes him an offer that is accidentally captured for the entire world to see? Will he be able to trust his heart and make peace with the past?

From the 80’s nostalgia woven page after page this story is a great trip down memory lane. So, go grab your posters, leg warmers, parachute pants and get ready for a weekend you’ll never forget. If you are headed to a place where the river smells like sulfur for a wedding of the century you’ll need to play hard, get dirty, and be willing to take a chance on the unexpected.  When your outlook on love, marriage, and family is about to be turned upside down, will you find the strength to not let the past define your future?

While this starts as an anger bang, it becomes so much more. If you thought you could attend a wedding with cameras recording every moment and not be “seen” you are in for a wild weekend! A suitcase of emotional baggage could ruin love and happiness for anyone. Thea and Kade will need to figure out what they really want and hope that they can finally confront their family and face their past. If you’re ready for uncontrollable laughter, lots of Pepto-bismol Pink, the possibility of revenge sex with lots of orgasms all while avoiding those pesky reality tv cameras planted everywhere it’s time to go grab your best 80’s fashions and get ready to party! The only thing missing is the music so grab those boxes from your garage and rediscover those mix tapes.

4 Flames 2023 300x300 Anger Bang by USA Today Bestselling Author Avery Flynn

Caution this scorchin hot read may lead to an unexpected need to turn on the A/C. So steamy the pages may ignite. May include a dash of erotic elements or elude to further exploration of desire and need that might be too hot for some readers.

Thank you to Entangled Publishing for this advance reader copy for review consideration. All opinions are my own.



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%name Anger Bang by USA Today Bestselling Author Avery Flynn%name Anger Bang by USA Today Bestselling Author Avery Flynn

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